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General FTP Software

Are you familiar with General FTP Software? If not, this is the right time for you to have a clear and better understanding about the stated term. General FTP Software is considered as one of the elite software company owned and managed by John Romkey and James Van Bokkelen in the year 1986. Some of their shareholders include Dave Bridgham, Roxanne Van Bokkelen and Nancy Connor. The main product of General FTP Software was TCP/PC wherein it is a kind of standard-compliant and full featured IP/TCP package that is designed for DOS.


The core source software was creatively developed at MIT in the year 1982 as the IP/PC project. It is a type of project to easily make PCs into the 1st class citizens on IP/TCP networks. The project started as a kind of Telnet that is being implemented by the well known professional Louis Konopelski with the supervision of Jerome Saltzer. The project produced the standard packet driver that becomes the ultimate basis of networking software on IBM PC. There are also PC/IP contributors that include Donald Gillies, David Clark, David Bridgham and John Romkey. General FTP Software is recognized as the 1st company to name their business after a well known internet protocol.

When General FTP Software was founded, the PC/IP package software was sold by NetManage, Sun, Wollongong and a lot more. This is one of the reasons why some of their investors and clients decided to make use of their product. The original package of PC/IP consists of specialized TCP that work well for Telnet that is written by Davis Clark. Moreover, the product also contains TFTP protocol, time, fortune, ping and NFS. When Donald Gillies produce full multi-connection and TCP compatible SMTP for his thesis, it is possible to offer FTP implementation that usually requires two concurrent TCPs. This kind of software is also known as “ntcp” that has the ability to support seven connections on IBM PC-XT and at the same time it can interoperate with ten operating systems. The TCP languished on source tree is considered as the FTP founder’s choice and make it as General FTP Software that set the company apart from their other competitors.


The protocol is linked into application executables however in the year 1989, the PC/TCP applications shared TSR kernel which is used in built in interface drivers and TSR packet drivers. The General FTP Software has an excellent run with valuation of one billion dollars however the General FTP Software suffered from external and internal pressures. The founders of General FTP Software also suffered from epitomized public divorce and in fighting. The General FTP Software was introduced in public in the year 1994 and they maintain profitable growth up to 1995.

They are also considered as the dominant supplier of TCP stacks for x86 machines. When the management of General FTP Software did not meet the expectation of the Wall Street and this is one of the reasons why their stock price declined sharply. In the year 1996, General FTP Software announced that they are providing Microsoft that is associated with different technology that is creatively designed for Internet Explorer, Windows 3.1 and PPP network. In 1998, the General FTP Software was formally bought out by their former rival which is the NetManage.

Comparison with the other products

The comprehensive history of TCP on computers was launched in the year 1998 by the well known professional Steven Baker. The version of TCP has the ability to correct some of the factual errors and mistakes and at the same time expands on various topics. The General FTP Software will also offer their valued clients with a wide variety of products that you can choose from such as WinSNMP, SNMP tools, PC/TCP. PC/BIND, LanWatch, OnNet and InterDrive.


This is a kind of FTP server that is freely available in the present year. FTP server runs on BSD, Linux and Unix operating systems. GIftpd has a wide range of amazing features that you will extremely love that includes logins that are restricted by a set of IP addresses, user group and per group basis, private warez servers and topsites. Most of the web development books recommend this kind of FTP servers. Furthermore, the GIftpd has the potential to integrate with the so called Eggdrop with the use of IRC channels.

History of GIftpd

GIftpd means GreyLine File Transfer Protocol Daemon. This kind of FTP server was named from its initial developer which is the GreyLine. The 1st public release of GIftpd is in the year 1998. In connection with this, the GIftpd is popular for their extensive scripting features and detailed user permission for efficiently and securely transferring files between other sites with the use of FXP. The GIftpd has excellent support on EFnet and IRC. The operating system of GIftpd is cross platform and at the same time their main platform includes Mac OS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and GNU. The General FTP Software is the elite choice that you should consider especially when it comes to server software.

In the recent year, there is a wide variety of server software that is widely available that you can choose from. In choosing for the elite server software, it is very imperative that you are aware about the features and benefits that you can obtain in certain server software. With their vast expertise and knowledge in the field of server software, you can be sure that you can obtain the great results that you are looking for.

The founders of General FTP Software will guarantee their respected clients that they will never be disappointed with their products. The General FTP Software announced that they are providing Microsoft that is associated with different technology that is creatively designed for Internet Explorer, Windows 3.1 and PPP network. In 1998, the General FTP Software was formally bought out by their former rival which is the NetManage. In the present year, the General FTP Software is serving their valued clients with their superb server software especially when it comes in transferring their files safely and securely.